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Born in the universe of data business, B2B Data Consultants principles lies in helping business organizations in using marketing data to explore new avenues of profit.

We expertise in pre-packaged as well as customised B2B Marketing data configured as per Industry, geographic regions, demographics, size of prospective market and so on. Our rich directory of decision makers from numerous Industries provides marketers with complete access to information to interact with their prospects via emails, Telephones or physical mails.

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- Frequently asked questions

How does B2B Data Consultants collect data?

Our rich data comes from a combination of USA List proprietors/owners, and vast variety of sources such as:

  • New business filings
  • Tradeshow Attendee Lists
  • U.S. Yellow Page directories
  • Business Press releases
  • Free Magazines/Newspaper Subscription Offers
  • Corporate websites
  • Annual reports
  • User-generated feedback
  • Email Campaigns
  • LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter Web-Based Profile links

B2B Data Consultants is the premier source of database for businesses across the Globe. Here we allocate ample resources to get in-depth database necessary for the target audiences matching our client requirements. We help businesses reach new heights achieving greater ROI.

We are well aware of the fact that accurate data is a need of hour for business growth and hence we put our heart and soul matching our client needs with no compromise in quality.

We participate in different trade events across the globe to gather information and business cards. Our data team members call each and every business information gathered making over 40 million calls each year to verify and validate information and to ensure each contact is current, accurate,and relevant.

How accurate is your data?

We go above and beyond the industry standards to ensure the data you access is as accurate and complete as possible. In fact, we invest more than $20 million annually and employ more than 350 full-time researchers to compile and verify the information in our databases.
But we also recognize that no database can be perfect. Businesses are constantly closing down, executives changing, and 20 percent of the consumer population moves every year. And while 100-percent accuracy is our goal, it is highly unlikely. Therefore, it is natural to receive a small amount of outdated information.

What format does the data come in?

Most databases are emailed in Excel. Our US Standard database can be downloaded from our secure server area and also comes with a unique and very useful online search and download facility, which allows you to do your own searches, and build your own lists without having to trawl through millions of records in Excel.

We can offer most other formats on request (text, access, sql etc.)

Is the data you provide safe and as per regulations?

We comply with the CAN-SPAM ACT and other laws applicable to data collection and its distribution. Users and subscribers are protected as according to the laws stipulated. We respect our clients’ privacy and ensure utmost safety and confidentiality of information.

How often is the data verified?

B2B Data Consultants has the most stringent verification schedule in the industry. Quite simply no other company updates their business information more frequently that we do. With over 10,000 connected outbound calls made within our call center on a daily basis, we ensure that every business record on our database is contacted at least once every 12 months, and for businesses that are more volatile in nature, we contact them even more frequently.

Do you have a returns policy?

Because of the excellent quality of our data this is not really an issue. We even have penalty clauses in place with our key partners to ensure that our data never falls below the highest set standards of accuracy levels. However no database is perfect and a business has the propensity to change the moment the phone is put down after verification. So, as an extra reassurance, should you ever find we are less than 97% accurate, simply flag any errors to us, and we will replace any inaccurate records.

What is your turn around time for deliverability?

We offer various services depending on your requirement. Most of the services offered take under 24 hours to deliver. If there are larger products or custom- built list requests it could take within over 6 to 7 days to deliver.

Can you de-dupe from or append to our existing client database?

Yes we can de-dupe against your existing client list. B2B Data Consultants has a set of Appending services like email appending, phone appending, postal address appending, social media appending, reverse appending etc. that can make any database work for you. It is through this process that your database is imported by our system which is then matched with B2B Data Consultant’s master database. This is faster, quicker and the most viable option for any business which is running ahead of its times.

Do you supply consumer or overseas data?

Yes, we sell all type of data across the Globe. Whatever data you are looking for, just send in your requirement with complete details and we will be happy to provide you the records.

What is B2B Data Consultants general policy regarding data updates and processing?

How frequently do you update your data?

We update our existing data repository every quarter (90 days cycle). However, each new information goes through a strict compilation and multiple verification processes while being added to our repository that goes around the year. Also, our data experts are obliged to comply with custom data updates at frequencies requested for by clients.

Does your data comply by privacy obligations and protection laws stated by different countries?

B2B Data Consultants data privacy policy complies by 14 internal data protection regulations and guidelines that include all relevant state and federal laws. However, data regulation compliance is an ongoing process and data-seekers are advised to refer to our experts regarding regulatory compliance for data from any particular region.

In which countries do you / your affiliates operate or have presence currently? Where do you process your data?

B2B Data Consultants has currently one global operating centre in USA. Though we are contemplating branching out to APAC and Europe we are currently managing affiliates, partners and on-field associates spread in 83 countries. All processing activities involving our global data repository are carried through our global operating centres.

What is Your Consent Policy?

How do you capture consent of individuals/sole traders etc.?

A one-time opt-in option is provided to the subject (individuals, sole traders etc.) within their introductory campaign (through email) to our brand(s). Afterwards, opt-out campaigns are rolled out every quarter to renew their initial consent. Post opt-out/unsubscribe request, the said information is removed from our database.

What is the latest date for your consent renewal? What media do you use?

Subject consent is renewed every quarter (90 days maximum). Multi-source confirmation is obtained, i.e., through individual emails, phone conversations etc.

Do you take consent for event related promotions?

Yes. Once contact information is collected from sources directly related to the event, email confirmation are sent to subject with an option to opt-out.

Are opt-ins your only way to collect consent?

Yes. However, one can anytime revise/revoke/object to the opt-in given to us or our affiliates.

Do you provide clear and intelligible description of the information you collect during consent? What are they?

Yes. Our initial opt-in statement in the introductory email includes the kind of information that is to be collected and for what purpose. This information is provided in text preceding to the link for opt-in. Subjects also receive a link to opt-out from the successive confirmation page, if they have chosen to opt-in by accident.
For the following renewals, opt-out links are clearly mentioned in text in the main body of our email campaigns and the respective footnotes.

Do your consent clauses include permission for a) emails, b) text, and/or c) automated phone calls?

Our consent clauses include emails, text, and phones for marketing purposes. However, our data experts can customize the consent acquisition process to suit our clients’ and affiliates’ research objectives. In which case, automated marketing may also be allowed, as per subjects’ consideration.

Do subjects have the option to opt for other communications regarding marketing calls or emails?

Yes. Subjects have the option to choose between calls, emails, and text.

What is your follow-up mechanism in case of direct marketing objections from subjects?

Receipts of subject’s consent are stored in secure servers and maintained through our email campaign manager tool. When an objection is raised, subjects are asked through email to confirm the said request. The stored consent receipts are shared with the subject with a reference ID in the same mail. In case of persisting objection(s), their information is black-listed from our marketing database.
On further insistence, said information is removed from the database altogether. However, records of the complete interaction will be stored due to legal obligations.

How Strictly Do You Comply by Laws regarding Sensitive Information?

Do you / your affiliates collect, use, or process personal/sensitive information? What kind? Do you share such information with unaffiliated third parties?

B2B Data Consultants or any of its affiliates do not hold, use or share sensitive information (in relation to medical records of patients, genetic data, information on children etc.) in any of its operations. However, we do hold business contacts of individuals (ex: Name, Business Email ID, Official Contact Number etc.) to assist businesses in connecting with more accuracy and reduce illicit and mistargeted B2B communications.

What activities do you engage in with the data you hold?

We and/or our affiliates use business contacts of subjects majorly for targeted promotions and direct marketing activities.

How Safe is Your Data?

What kind of measures do you promise to keep the data secure a) in storage, b) during transfer?

Features of Our Security Best Practices:

  • SFTP server
  • Files password protected
  • Transfer channels are encrypted with HASH and CA certificates
  • AAA standards of ITIL and ISO 27001 process
  • 3- Layer Security Architecture with ITIL best practices
  • Firewall of 7 Network layer architecture with dedicated IDS or IPS system
  • Availability of a fully managed firewall, load balancing, failover and SAN storage solutions – with real-time active monitoring
  • DLP network
  • Gateway-level antivirus, Gateway-level anti-spam, anti-fishing, malware system
  • Datacentre hardware and network equipment’s vendor response SLA: 24/7
  • Biometric access control to select authorized personnel
  • UPS and two-level redundant power supply
  • True disaster recovery services to prevent downtime

Has your company faced any situation regarding data leaks / security breaches / unauthorized access in the last 5 years?


What is your default system for notifying data subjects in case of a data breach?

We notify concerned subjects and relevant authorities to any threats posed to respective data immediately, with the maximum deadline for notification being 72 hours. To understand how our notification system works, check our privacy policy.

What recovery mechanism do you have in place for such disasters?

We have Data and Backup Centres located in multiple locations across continents and on AWS, Azure cloud platforms as well. B2B Data Consultants is one of the pioneers to introduce Block-chain technology for Data management and Disaster Recovery to ensure business continuity.

B2B Data Consultants is committed to Protect Your & Your Data!

For further information regarding our compliance architecture, contact our data experts directly.

What is Data Licensing?

In today’s technologically advanced environment, companies are increasingly recognizing the value of data as a business asset that should be protected and exploited through licensing or sold to third parties. In simple words, data licensing grants certain rights to use data in a way that can optimize your business efficiency. It is recognized as an industry standard for a single sourced, global reference and quantitative data.

Why is data licensing important rather than purchasing a list?

Data licensing is important because:

  • It tells users and re-users exactly what they can do with your data and meta data
  • It encourages the use and re-use of your data and meta data the way you want them to be used and reused
  • It creates visibility of your efforts downstream

What are the primary reasons for an increase in data licensing?

As geographic data is difficult to protect through copyright alone, licensing is required.

  • The rise of subscription business models dependent on multiple subscribers despite technical ability to distribute perfect and inexpensive copies.
  • Risk management – perfecting disclaimers through licensing.
  • The rise of shared cost and data maintenance partnerships.

How can your data licensing service be beneficial for us?

B2B Data Consultants licensing databases provide many business advantages such as:

  • Flexibility of database management options
  • Reliable and accurate databases as a result of continuous updates
  • Ability to customize data sets
  • Enhances data verification
  • Expansion on your current database
  • Ability to maintain updated and comprehensive databases
  • Reach out to customers on a large scale through data purchase options
  • Enables to restructure and develop your business
  • Reduces cost and increases ROI
  • Maximizes time efficiency by giving instant and unlimited access to high quality data suitable for marketing and sales initiatives

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Data decay is an inevitable process. With B2B Data Consultants every record is authenticated (100%). If you find any inaccurate data due to likely data decay, send those records to us back within 60 days of receipt with an explanation of what part of the data requires enhancement (phone number, alternate emails or physical address, etc.), and we will work it out for you.

When and how was our data last verified?

Any list you purchase from us will have been verified in the last 24 hours. We do data verifications every 90 days, but our most rigorous verification processes are done after the data is purchased. We use many of the standard industry verification processes and 3rd party email verification systems. Combining 3rd party verification with our in-house processes allows us to provide the cleanest data possible.

What are your data license terms?

We offer an unlimited use license allowing your company to use this data as many times as you want, however you want, for as long as you want. If you plan to resell or share out data with a 3rd party in any way please ask for special permission.

What do I need to do to purchase a database and receive it?

Once you are ready to purchase a specific list we will send you a proposal with our guarantee, licensing and all of our terms in writing. To purchase the list all you need to do is sign and return our proposal along with the payment. For payment you can fill out the credit card authorization form at the end of the proposal or mail a check. Let us know if you need a separate invoice. We can also email you a proposal that you can sign and fill out digitally without any need to print, scan, etc.
We begin processing the data for you as soon as we have received a signed proposal and payment. Once the data is ready, we will email you with a link where you can download the list.

How will the data be sent to me?

Once your list is ready our data team will email you with a link for downloading the data as an excel file. If you need the data delivered in any specific format let us know and we can accommodate your requirement.

Can I get a sample list of your data?

Yes, let us know what data you are interested in and we will send you a sample.

What fields are included in your lists?

  • Company Name
  • Technologies Used (by request)
  • Company Phone Number
  • Contact Name (separated into first & last name)
  • Website
  • Title
  • Annual Revenue (when available)
  • Physical Address
  • Number of Employees (when available)
  • City, State, Zip, Country
  • Industry (when available)
  • Email Address
  • SIC Code(s) (when available)
  • Social Media Profile

Including information on specific technologies a company uses will increase the cost of your list. All other fields are included by default (no extra cost for email, phone number, etc.). Additional fields can usually be appended if necessary, ask one of our experts if you need data that is not standard in our lists and we can mostly accommodate your needs.

What industries are represented in your databases?

Our database includes companies from all industries/verticals. You can target companies by SIC, NAIC, Industry Name, and key words in the company name or description. Not every record has information for each means of targeting industries so a combination of targeting methods can be most effective. Talk to one of our experts to get a complete list of the industry names we use.

Can you identify what technologies a company uses?

Yes, if you want a list of contacts of companies using specific software, hardware etc. let us know. We will get you all that you need.

What company size information do you have?

We can provide the number of employees (companywide) for most companies and revenue information for many companies as well. Below is a table showing the ranges we use in our employees field.

  • 1-10 employees
  • 11-50 employees
  • 51-200 employees
  • 201-500 employees
  • 501-1000 employees
  • 1001-5000 employees
  • 5001-10000 employees
  • 10000 + employees

Can I see which companies are included in any of your databases?

Yes, we can always send you a list of companies included in any list you are considering. This will give you the rest assurance that we are providing the correct target companies that can boost all your marketing endeavors.

Can you exclude contacts or companies that we already have?

Yes, if you provide a list of emails we can exclude those contacts. If you provide us with a list of company URL (or company name if you don’t have URLs) we can exclude contacts of those companies.

Can you provide data based on a list of companies that I provide?

Yes, we can provide contacts of your specific target companies. Send us your list of companies (preferably with the company URL), and we can get you a count and cost for what we can provide.

What is the source of the data?

We gather information from many sources then combine and enhance it with our in-house data expertise. Our sources include data mining public information both online and offline as well. as years of direct marketing campaigns (email campaigns, tele-contact campaigns, and direct mail campaigns).

Our primary data sources are:

  • Government/public records and filings
  • Public directories and yellow pages
  • Our own direct marketing campaigns
  • Web based resources

What has been done to opt-in these contacts?

Any company that is selling you data and claiming it is opt-in is doing you a huge disservice. Opt-in is not transferable. A contact must opt-in to receive information from you to be opt-in. Our lists are not opt-in.

What other data services do you offer?

Talk to one of our experts for more information on any of these services.
Data Scrub: If dirty and outdated data is costing your business send us a 100+ record samples of your list and we will give you a free data analysis.
Data Append: If you are missing emails or other fields we can help. Send us a sample of your data and let us know what fields you would like to append and we will give you a free estimate.
Data Maintenance: We can Scrub, Append and Enhance your data quarterly with a 1 or 2 year contract and there’s a lot more we do. Connect with our experts to learn more

How does the Reseller Program work?

B2B Data Consultants offers reseller solutions based on your business scope. You can become a reseller and offer our products and services to your clients. You get a commission for the revenue generated from each customer. The commission will be as per the agreement reached before signing up with us.

How do you compile your data?

We gather, analyze, and manage our data consistently and continuously from a variety of sources like public records, title companies, credit bureau data, DBA filings and tax liens or judgments, Yellow Pages etc. We have a data team of 255 members who periodically update all the records in the database. We also gather data from third party companies and associations that have received opt-in information from the businesses and individuals across the globe. All the records in our database are opt-in. This process is obtained through a subscription management and confirmation process.

Do you offer round-the-clock support system?

Yes, we do. We have a team of experts who are there to troubleshoot any issues that might arise 24/7. We guarantee that we will offer you our complete support to help expand your reach and grow your business.

What are the products and services I can offer to my customers?

You can offer our Data Management & Data Online services along with our Data Verification solutions. We also offer LIVE Chat software and B2B App.

What is in it there for me?

You can offer comprehensive business solutions to your clients. Whenever you are unable to meet your clients’ requirements, we can help you. You get a commission for the revenue generated from each client. We will also help you build your brand with us. We can help you create websites, get more clients and enhance your business.

What is your project deliverability guarantee?

We take pride on high-rate deliverability. All our projects have been delivered on time. We handle each project with equal amount of dedication and make sure they are delivered back to our clients within the stipulated time frame.

Do you offer real-time database search options for my customers?

All your customers are going to receive direct access to our database search. This can be integrated into your existing website or into a website that you can create with us.

Will I get special credits for renewals?

We offer key benefits for all our resellers who renew their programs, year after year.

Is my data secure?

Data shared while you sign up will be safe with us. We value your privacy.

How regularly do you update your database?

We update our database on a monthly basis.

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